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Mission & Vision


The mission of Le Monde International School, Public Charter of Norman, Oklahoma, is to educate children in a language immersion environment that honors the best international academic traditions. We prepare students for a successful future by promoting academic excellence through rigorous instruction, multilingualism, critical thinking, and the integration of cultural awareness. We foster an environment of personalized curriculum that will enable students to make the most of their individual talents and reach their full potential.


We educate students to understand, contribute to, and thrive in an interdependent world. We foster a spirit of inquiry, service, and social responsibility to the environment, the local community, and the global society.

Core Values

Excellence – We value high expectations, hard work, and stimulating academics. We challenge and support each student, enabling them to reach their full potential.

The Joy of Learning – We offer a supportive and engaging environment where learning is naturally enjoyable and rewarding.

Character – Our students learn the value of service, honesty, and respect for others.  We expect the adults in our school community to teach this by example.

Community Connection – Our teachers, students and families are committed to support each other, grow as a school community and become leaders in the greater Norman community.  

Diversity & Cultural Awareness – We appreciate differences in backgrounds and culture, and will work to attract and welcome all into our school community.

Global Citizenry – To empower and inspire each student to attain their academic and social potential by encouraging them to learn, understand, and influence the global society as multilingual, intercultural citizens of the world.

Accountability – We demand responsibility for results.

Transparency – We openly share our mission, practices, outcomes, and decision-making.