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Summer Language and Cultural Camp

Le Monde's Language and Cultural Camp

June 7th-25th


Le Monde will offer a language and culture experience to students during the Summer.  Le Monde staff will immerse children in cultural activities through food, dance, calligraphy, painting, crafts, games, & more. The camp is open for students ages 5-14. This year we will run our camps through the following weeks:

  • June 7th - June 11th
  • June 14th - June 18th
  • June 21st - June 25th

You can attend one week or all three weeks. The cost is $125 per week plus a $25 Enrollment Fee. 

To apply, complete the form for your child below. If you have any questions, contact Monica Suyo at monica.suyo@lemondenorman.org.


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In addition, in case of accident or need for medical attention, I/We give permission to the Le Monde International School staff to take my/our child to doctor and/or emergency facility.

(It is understood that costs for treatment provided may be borne by the parent or guardian.)


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