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About Us

Le Monde International School is a public charter school located in Norman, Oklahoma.  We are a French and Spanish immersion school, which means that beginning in our PreK program, our students are immersed in language throughout their school day.  This method of language learning, in combination with our academic program, provides students with a high level of proficiency in both English and their target language.

We prepare students for a successful future by promoting academic excellence through rigorous instruction, bilingualism, critical thinking, and the integration of cultural awareness.  Our teachers come from all over the world, from Puerto Rico to Venezuela, from Thailand to Africa, from Serbia to Cuba, bringing unique perspectives to our students.

Le Monde International School opened in 2018, taking over the mission of the recently closed French Immersion program at Reagan Elementary School.  Our school continues to grow each year, and in the 2022-23 school year, we will be offering our program to PreK-8th grade students.  We are a public charter school open to all Oklahoma students regardless of where they reside.