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Peach Jar

Le Monde International School shares community information through a service known as "Peachjar." Approved flyers are available to parents electronically via Peachjar on the district's website and mobile app. 

This environmentally friendly initiative reduces paper consumption and expenses for our schools. Additionally, the electronic communication platform removes a significant burden from teachers, office staff and volunteers.  

Organizations and groups that wish to share information via the communication platform must have a Peachjar account. This includes PTAs, PTOs, booster clubs, etc. Le Monde can only upload flyers for their specific site and are not allowed to upload flyers for outside organizations. 

Distribution is reserved for age-appropriate materials from not-for-profit organizations that provide community-based, youth-related activities. Materials approved for distribution are not sponsored or endorsed by Le Monde International School.

The district does NOT allow the distribution of materials that: 

  • promote organizations, individuals, or groups who are for-profit corporations or businesses
  • depict illegal substances or indecent behaviors
  • attack ethnic, religious, or racial groups
  • promote hostility, disorder or violence
  • promote, endorse, or oppose any political candidate, beliefs, party, or issues
  • violate copyright laws
  • invade the privacy of others
  • promote illegal activities for minors
  • are defamatory, libelous, misleading, or false
  • promote discrimination of any kind
  • are deemed to be detrimental to students
  • would disrupt or interfere with school activities

For more detailed information about the district's communication policies, click here. Flyers submitted through Peachjar are approved or denied by Le Monde International School admin staff.