Executive Director's Message

Dear Students, Parents, and Esteemed Guests,
It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Le Monde International School a haven of linguistic and cultural immersion. As the Executive Director of this unique institution, I am thrilled to lead a community dedicated to the rich tapestry of languages and traditions that define our world.
At Le Monde, our mission is clear: to inspire a lifelong love for languages and cultures. We believe that language is not merely a tool for communication but a gateway to understanding, empathy, and connection. Our commitment to French and Spanish language immersion is a testament to our belief in the power of multilingualism to open doors to new horizons.
Our talented educators, passionate about language and culture, create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive. We celebrate diversity and foster an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for the unique backgrounds and perspectives each individual brings to our community.
Whether you are a student embarking on this exciting journey, a parent entrusting us with your child's education, or a guest eager to explore the wonders of our school, you are an essential part of our Le Monde family. Together, we will embrace the beauty of languages and cultures, breaking down barriers and forging connections that will last a lifetime.
I invite you to explore our website, learn more about our programs, and discover the many opportunities that await you at Le Monde. Join us in this incredible adventure of language, culture, and personal growth.
Bienvenue. Bienvenidos. Welcome.
Lance Seeright
Executive Director 
Le Monde International School